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We at Bando have made home clothes racks practical for the first time in Korea, and boast about 150 types of products that have resulted from our ceaseless R&D; with participation in outside design fairs and aggressive in-house idea gathering, we are doing our best to develop new products that will touch the hearts of our customers.

As a professional clothes rack company, we assure the provision of superior products based on our advantage of producing all products domestically and of having accumulated more than 30 years of technological knowledge. Living Star will strive to contribute to leading the clothing storage industry with the goal of providing convenience through contents desired by our customers.

We were designated a Good Design for household items by the Korea Institute of Design Promotion (Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy) (GD mark obtained), awarded as a model taxpayer, and currently supply and sell our products in Homeplus, Lotte Mart, and other large home shopping companies. We are doing our best to not only expand our share in the domestic market, but also to launch our products in foreign markets.

Bando Co., Ltd. will do our best to recognize customers’ needs and produce practical products and furniture with great utility in various types of spaces.

living star

Company name Bando Co., Ltd.
Establishment date 1993. 7. 1
CEO Kim Soo Dong, Kim Eun Do
Business Areas clothes racks, Dressing room clothes racks