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Portable plus clothes rack / Movable Type

Product Description

  • - DIY clothes rack installed to fit in all sorts of spaces, allowing bulk storage of clothing.
  • - Installation possible without any tools.
  • - Wheels are attached for convenient mobility; easy to move even after storing things inside.
  • - The steel connection ring is sturdy and reliable.
  • - Pants clothes rack and basket are inserted at the bottom to store lower garments and smaller items.
  • - Often used in offices, workplaces, and as shopping mall studio devices, as well as being favored for household clothes storage.
  • plus clothes rack (LS-0247, LS-0742)

plus clothes rack (LS-0247, LS-0742)

plus clothes rack (LS-0247, LS-0742)


  • - Composition: Two A-type (upper) body frames, two H-type (lower) ones, one shelf, five horizontal stands, four sets of caster wheels, 10 pants clothes racks
  • - Color: LS-0247 silver, LS-0742 white
  • - Specifications: width (63cm)xheight(175cm)xDepth(42cm)
  • - Materiala: ABS synthetic resins, 25mm steel pipe, powder coating
  • - Country of origin: Korea
  • - Weight: 10.27kg