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Winter Tree / Stand Type

Product Description

  • The racks, designed with a tree motif, are divided into three parts: stem, branch, and floor, which reduce the mass, make packing convenient and assembly easy. The floor is made of steel, which provides stability that holds up the weight. The branches have smaller branches to hang clothes on, and these can be attached according to the user?�s convenience and rotated in whatever direction to hang up coats, etc. It also has a decoration factor, as it resembles a tree when not used for clothes hanging purposes.
  • Winter Tree (LS-2685)

Winter Tree (LS-2685)

Winter Tree (LS-2685)


  • - Composition: One lower branch pole, one upper branch pole, lower steel plate
  • - Color: white
  • - Specifications: Depth(40cm)xheight(170cm)
  • - Materials: ABS plastic (branches), aluminum (pole), steel plate (floor), 26/32mm steel pipe, powder coating
  • - Country of origin: Korea
  • - Weight: 6.84kg